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Empowerment Works

Accelerate your business no matter what stage it's in

You will only fully pay when you get your results

We don't charge our full fee until you hit your target. That's our guarantee!

Currently, most consultants / advisers offer a deal that we think is unacceptable. They ask for:

Huge hourly rates

Upfront payment 

No guarantee of outcome

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Our Offer

We take your business at whatever stage it's in, proof of concept through to optimisation. Then we use our education, training, experience and connections to move you to the next level of success. Foundational to all this is that we will provide a grounding in executive development and personal life coaching to keep things on track.   

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Proof of Concept


Welcome to our Proof of Concept service, where we assist you to build the financial models required so you can understand the viability of your business idea. We help you to answer the questions around legalities, registration, quality, safety, operations and more.. The big question is, do I move forward or walk away.

Getting the Deal


Getting the deal is about having a robust Business Plan that you can take to investors. Being able to sell yourself as investment worthy and having the ability / confidence to answer questions and negotiate the terms.

Bringing it to Life

Bringing it to life is about having an operational plan to get the business launched. It's also about managing the stress and anxiety of the changes that launching a business brings. Finally having a third party holding you accountable to ensure the business has the best opportunity to be realised.


Our optimisation service is about taking your business from where it currently is to a new level. We look at sales, cost, people management, operational systems, continuous improvement, managing change and more.

In addition, we work with you to try and keep life balanced and moving forward wholistically.

Our client's experience

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