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How we'll work together 


1. Initial consultations
This is where we learn about your business requirements, and you learn about us and we all determine if we are a good fit to work together

2. We all agree to get started
Here we finalise the scope of work to be done, what the total cost will be (upfront and backended). What will be the key milestones and how we will work together.

3. Commencement Fee
This is the show of good faith payment that you are serious. It is an agreed to proportion of the total cost.

4. We work together
This involves regular catch ups, where action plans are developed, support and coaching is provided.

5. Milestone meetings
This is a status review session where we take an honest review of progress, commitment, strategy and the path forward. 

6. Final Payment

This is where you have achieved the agreed to results and we get the bulk of our agreed to payment.

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