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The Story of Empowerment Works

We met in 2005 while studying our Executive MBAs's. There was an instant connection as our values were aligned and we both wanted back then to help people become successful.  Over the next 8 years we worked together on numerous projects in the health care and in the nutrition spaces. The following years we aspired in the corporate life but we kept checking in with each other. We came to a point where we agreed that it was time to share our experiences, knowledge and talent to help others release their potential and not make the same mistakes. Empowerment Works was born. 

We Believe that:

  • Our lives have purpose and meaning

  • We were given talents to be used to help others

  • We are all capable and resourcedful

  • Challenges make us stronger

  • We choose how to respond to life

  • We can unleash the potential in all of us

We value:

  • Curiosity over judgement

  • Achievement over inaction

  • Honesty and integrity over dishonour

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