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A few of our recent clients

Case Study 1

Wine Bar Start Up

Background: Two budding entrepreneurs approached us to help them with starting up a wine bar business.

What we did: We worked with them to clarify and quantify key assumptions that formed the basis of financial modelling. We developed CAPEX and OPEX requirements and an understanding of where the break-even point lies. We then commenced discussions on funding opportunities, ownership structures and both business / personal risk levels.  

What value did we add? Our models quantified the cash requirements and associated risk. This risk was disproportionately shared and so further discussions are required to explore ways to achieve risk equality. 

Case Study 2

Perfumery Start Up

Background: We worked with an entrepreneur who had a vision of manufacturing perfumes in Australia and distributing them globally. She faced a number of early challenges around how to bring this idea to life and what contract manufacturers could be outsourced domestically.

What we did: We provided a comprehensive list of potential manufactures both on-shore and off-shore. We aslo provided a basic cash-flow model to determine if the business was feasible.

What value did we add? Our client wanted the entire manufacturing process to be undertaken by a single manufacturer which was totally understandable. However,  no single manufacturer could do this, and so we worked with her to resolve this impasse offering alternative solutions which would have enabled her to progress. She was unwilling to change her single-manufacturer criteria and we agreed to not to proceed further and no fee was charged.

Case Study 3

Potable Water Start Up

Background: A husband and wife team had an idea of supplying potable water to rural residents in their local district.

What we did: Being new to the business world, they sought our help with determining the feasibility of their business and to assist with preparing documents to approach lenders for finance. We provided cashflow forecasts, CAPEX and OPEX requirements and market data.

What value did we add? We helped them achieve a deeper understanding of their business and improved their financial literacy to enable them to speak confidently with lenders.

Even with a strong business plan and healthy financial models they were unsuccessful in their first attempt to get funding. We are continuing to work with them to assess and target other opportunities for investment. 

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