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Troy Haligowski

Director and Co-founder of Empowerment Works

"You never outperform your own belief system."

  1. I've failed and succeeded numerous times over. My biggest error is that I thought I could do it all alone. Now a little older and doing well, I wish that earlier I had someone experienced who could be my sounding board, give me guidance, challenge my assumptions and assist in the areas that I hadn't yet built skills or connections. This is some of what I aim to offer to you.  

  2. A few of my life learnings: 

  3. Failure can certainly be a pathway to success if you learn the necessary lessons

  4. The two biggest questions are, "Are you prepared to do the work? Are you willing to make the             sacrifice?"

  5. Your feelings on any given day are irrelevant. You do what needs to be done despite your feelings. Action is everything.

  6. Until you can do it for yourself, you need a mentor or specialist who can help fill in the gaps

  7. The biggest barrier we all face is within own thought life. e.g. I'm not good enough, I've failed in the     past, What will other's think and it goes on?

  8. I look forward to hearing from you, where we can face your challenges together, 


Bachelor's of Pharmacy (First Class Honours)

Executive MBA

Master of Financial Planning

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Master Practitioner of NLP

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