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Dan Cloonan

Co-Founder and Director, Empowerment Works Pty Ltd

"Being aware enough to know you are not where you want, is a gift, and not a curse".

I am a dynamic entrepreneur and visionary co-founder who has played a pivotal role in the establishment of Empowerment Works Pty Ltd. My passion for positive social change, coupled with a deep commitment to innovation, has been instrumental in driving the company's mission of unleashing potential in people.

My journey in the business world has been shaped by a profound commitment to making a difference. I hold a Bachelor's degree and Master’s degree in Agricultural Science, an executive MBA and I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and hold a Diploma of NLP Strategic Coaching - providing me with a unique blend of business acumen and a deep understanding of human psychology and behaviour.

My vision is to leverage business as a force for good, creating long-lasting and meaningful impacts for people and organizations worldwide.

Our company is known for designing and implementing programs that empower individuals and organisations to achieve the best version of themselves.

Bachelor of Applied Sceince (Honours)

Executive MBA

NLP Master Practitioner 

Diploma of NLP Coaching

Supply Chain Management 

Group Leadership and Facilitation

Agile Coaching

Practitioner of Emotional Intelligence

Practitioner of Time-based Therapy

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