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Bringing Your Business to life

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You have your Business Plan. You have your finances in place. You are ready to "go live". 

Bringing your business to life however will require more than this. It will need confident execution of the project plan., an ability to adapt, to be resilient, to learn from failures and silence the negative thoughts in your mind. 

At this most important stage, our "Bringing the business to life" package will assist you with:

  1.  Being accountable to the plan

  2. Help you work through any negative mind set or anxieties.

  3. Establish the legal structure for your business.

  4. Secure any required registration/s​.

  5. Build your financial and business acumen. 

  6. Guide you in people management​​.

  7. Develop sound operations​ with benchmarked KPIs 

Our objective at this stage is to get you through the difficult process of getting everything set up and operational. This includes identifying the key steps to move forward  and determining time lines. Finally, give you enough fundamental basics to keep the business running.

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